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Quips, Tips and Wry Observations by Kay Frances
Funny Motivational Speaker and Stress Management Goddess

Confessions of a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker

I really. Love. What. I. Do.

But, it hasn’t always been the case. It’s been a long and winding road, to quote a famous rock band from Liverpool.

And, I sort of fell into it. It’s not like you go to Career Day at school and they offer “Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker” as an option to consider! No, I was planning to follow in my parents’ footsteps and become a teacher. And, by “follow in their footsteps,” I mean I didn’t know what else to do. Had my parents been Funny Motivational Keynote Speakers instead of teachers, I might have had a straighter career trajectory.

The path to being a teacher ended almost as quickly as it started. In fact, I never did teach! I continued to work for the company that had hired me in the summers when I was in college. I ended up being with them for five years after I graduated. Did they put me to work as a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker? Of course not! That’s not to say that I wasn’t well on my way! I feel like everything I ever did led me to where I am now. And, when I’m most satisfied with where I am—which is most of the time—I’m grateful that I went through it all.

I think I was on the path to being a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker long before I even aware of it. Even getting detention in high school for “talking” was likely on-the-job-training! My friends always told me I was funny and I have always enjoyed making people laugh. So, no one was surprised when I became a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker.

After a stint in the corporate world, I became a professional standup comedian. This truly put me on the path to becoming a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker. It seems that all of my education, expertise, experience and passion converged and there was only one logical career path for me. You guessed it! Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker!

So, I travel the U.S. and Canada, helping people to attain peak performance by managing their stress and dealing with change. Although my official title is “Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker,” I also give people valuable information that they can use in their work and their personal lives. It is my goal for people to laugh while they learn without straining their brain.

If someone would’ve told me years ago that I would end up being a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker, I would’ve told them they were out of their mind. But, now it all makes sense and I feel it’s a perfect fit for me.

I feel so fortunate to do what I love and help people in the process. People ask when I plan to retire and stop being a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker. Never!