Funny Motivational Long Term Care Keynote Speaker

Aging and Long Term Care Keynote Speaker.

Since Covid-19 came sweeping into our lives, the stress levels for people working in long-term care are higher than ever! And, with all of the many stresses, changes and uncertainties in the Long Term Care world, you need a  Keynote Speaker for your event that will motivate and inspire. It’s a well-documented fact that people who manage their stress, maintain an optimistic spirit and take care of their health are happier and more productive than those who don’t. In the frenzied world of aging and long term care, folks need to be reminded of why these things are vitally important.

Kay has presented for many events and for all facets of the aging and long term care fields including professional development days, in services and conferences for:

  • Home Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Hospice
  • Facilities
  • Long Term Care
  • Caregivers

Kay was her mother’s caregiver for 7 years and has a deep appreciation for the people that work in the aging field. She never hesitates to let them know how valuable their services are.

With her energetic, upbeat presentations, attendees laugh while they learn without straining their brains. Kay’s Funny Motivational Keynotes will make your online event truly memorable!

Kay’s presentation also addresses:

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • The importance of life balance
  • Embracing change
  • Being more resilient in the face of adversity
  • Learning to simply “let it go!”

If you are having an event and you need someone to educate, inspire and entertain, Kay has the experience and expertise! Her Funny Motivational Keynotes will help your people to have greater success in work and life with usable information they can implement immediately. Kay has the expertise as a Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker and the passion for her material to truly deliver. Not only that, she will show your people the time of their lives and an experience they will never forget! She is never far from her roots as a professional standup comedian and people will laugh while they learn without straining their brains. And, she will take the time to understand YOUR group and what your people need. Kay’s Funny Motivational Keynotes aren’t just speeches, they are an experience!

Kay’s Presentations:

  • Help to boost morale and encourage a spirit of optimism.
  • Are tailored to the specific audience she is speaking to.
  • Address the particular challenges the audience is facing.
  • Are for all levels of an organization.
  • Have equal appeal to both men and women.
  • Are for any organization who is seeking good, solid content delivered in a hilarious way. 

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Partial List of Aging and Long Term Care Clients:

  • World Elder Abuse Conference
  • New York State Healthcare Association
  • Kentucky Health Care Facilities Association
  • Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association
  • Health Care Facilities of Maryland
  • North Carolina Health Care Facilities
  • Georgia Health Care Association
  • Ohio Health Care Association
  • Kentucky Home Health Association
  • Indiana Health Care Association
  • Nebraska Health Care Association
  • Ohio Assisted Living Association
  • Mid-America Institute on Aging Conference-Evansville, Indiana
  • SW Council Forum on Aging
  • Indiana Association of Area Aging Agencies
  • Ohio Association of Area Aging Agencies

Kay was a fabulous speaker and made everyone who attended feel welcomed, validated and human. She allowed everyone to lighten their load and feel as if they are not alone in their situations. The humor used was impeccable and appropriate. Love her and would go see her or hire her anytime!!”

Tricia Luebbe, Area 9 In-home and Community Services Agency


A great keynote speaker like Kay Frances will inform, inspire and engage your audience. She will:

  • Set the tone for your event.
  • Inspire the audience to take action.
  • Educate them with vital information to better their lives.
  • Research your organization & industry to tailor a message just for your group.
  • Make you a hero for finding the perfect keynote speaker!

What separates Kay from many other speakers is that she has the ability to reach across all socio-economic groups and truly connect. Kay’s keynotes have a universal appeal that resonates with both men and women, younger and older, managers and employees. And did we mention “funny?” We mean laugh-out-loud, thigh-slapping funny!