Female Live or Virtual Keynote Speaker

Female Keynote Speaker Kay Frances! Contagious energy with a message that resonates!

Solid content. Hilarious delivery.

Women have unique challenges in their lives. Many are struggling to balance work and family. It just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day! Today’s women are stressed like never before. This phenomenal live or virtual keynote speaker offers real-life, workable solutions to the things women struggle with.

Whether your event is a women’s health fair or women’s leadership conference, Kay has the experience, the expertise and the passion to deliver every time! Her motivational–live or virtual–keynote presentations will leave your audience energized and excited to take on their challenges with a renewed vigor.

In our frenzied world, women need to be reminded of how to attain and retain peak performance in all areas of their lives. Kay’s dynamic and funny motivational presentations do just that! And, she is just as effective online as she is in person!

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Embracing change
  • Choosing serenity over stress
  • Letting go of what they can’t control

Kay is an experienced live AND virtual speaker who will make your women’s event truly memorable. There are very few speakers who can bring both the humor and a powerful message that will resonate with your audience.

A funny and motivational speaker that tailors her presentations to your group.

From leaders to customer service agents to front-line employees, Kay is a speaker who will craft a motivational message that speaks directly to them. After hearing this speaker, they will leave your meeting energized, fired up and ready to take on their challenges with renewed vigor!

So is Kay Frances really funny? Of course! She was a professional standup comedian for many years, appearing on a number of national television and radio programs. Additionally, she lived and performed in New York City, appearing at the nation’s top comedy showcase clubs.

Kay’s comedy skills combined with her expertise in peak performance makes for an event planner’s dream. You get both an educator AND an entertainer! But, more than that is her SOLID CONTENT that will stick with your people for months–even years–to come.

Make your live or virtual event truly memorable. Kay’s funny motivational presentations are not just speeches; they are an experience.

For a speaker who is funny, relevant and guaranteed to make your women’s event truly memorable, contact Kay’s office at 937.382.4481 or

One of the comments I heard over and over was how you tailored your presentation to our organization and personalized it for us in such a humorous and realistic way!…I believe it would be safe for me to speak for the 400 people who showed their appreciation with the
STANDING ovation they gave you.”

Debbie Frantz, ACTE, Special Needs Division


A great keynote speaker like Kay Frances will inform, inspire and engage your audience. She will:

  • Set the tone for your event.
  • Inspire the audience to take action.
  • Educate them with vital information to better their lives.
  • Research your organization & industry to tailor a message just for your group.
  • Make you a hero for finding the perfect keynote speaker!

What separates Kay from many other speakers is that she has the ability to reach across all socio-economic groups and truly connect. Kay’s keynotes have a universal appeal that resonates with both men and women, younger and older, managers and employees. And did we mention “funny?” We mean laugh-out-loud, thigh-slapping funny!