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Funny Motivational Keynote Speaker Kay Frances

“The Funny Thing About Wellness”

With Kay’s energetic, upbeat presentation, you’ll laugh while you learn without straining your brain. In this frenzied world we need to be reminded of the importance of keeping our sense of humor and taking care of our health. Kay does this in a way that is second to none! Kay learned the hard way by engaging in every unhealthy habit known to man before making her way back to good health and sanity. It was a long, winding, hilarious road! She doesn’t preach from an ivory tower, but rather relates her personal story as she became one of those people she used to hate: A health nut!

Want more content? Kay’s workshops and breakouts delve more deeply into the nuts and bolts of stress management. These presentations are still fun and lively with the added benefit of having participants understand stress, work to identify their own stress factors, and develop an ACTION PLAN for better managing their work and lives. With an MBA, a degree in Health and Physical Education and a 4th degree black belt in karate, Kay has the expertise to help people.

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